New York City is one of the most populated, dynamic, and diverse cities in the world. This dynamism is digitally captured and made publically accessible through the NYC Open Data portal, giving an almost real-time pulse on the state of the city. My name is Richard Galvez, and I started this blog after moving here in 2017 from Nashville when offered a Moore Sloan Data Science Fellowship at New York University’s Center for Data Science. In conjunction with NASA, I am a research scientist investigating how to apply machine learning algorithms to open problems in astrophysics and aerospace systems.

I like to take a little breather from the serious stuff every once in a while by checking out what I could learn about NYC through NYC Open Data. The hope is also for it to evolve into an educational platform to help teach basic ideas of data science to whoever is interested in learning through examples analyzing this dataset. If you’re interested in contributing, please email me at richardagalvez at gmail.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the blog!

Richard Galvez

Data scientist / Main contributor

Richard Galvez, Ph.D. is a Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellow and Faculty Fellow at the NYU Center for Data Science and Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics. As an astrophysicist by day, Richard’s research focuses on high energy particle interactions in the early universe. By night Richard enjoys taking a break from all the serious stuff and poke around the NYC Open Data sets hoping to learn more about the dynamic and energetic city he moved to September of 2017.

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